Negotiation is a success factor. That’s why negotiating skills pay off in every strategic challenge.

Inhouse programme and references

Negotiation is a process. The same applies to the development of negotiating skills.

Bullinger supports its clients in the short term, but with a longer-term perspective as well. The basis is always a jointly developed concept. Depending on requirements, this can include seminars, training, consulting, coaching, mediation, facilitation and major events. The programme is aimed at individuals, teams or whole departments, irrespective of the size of the company or the industry involved. Negotiating skills always produce a better outcome wherever they are applied.


  • ADCURAM Group AG (DE)
  • CAMLOG, Wimsheim (DE)
  • Canton of Aargau, Department of Construction, Transport and the Environment, Aarau (CH)
  • Center for Doctoral Studies, RWTH Aachen (DE)
  • Deutsche Lufthansa AG (DE)
  • Epple Holding GmbH, Heidelberg (DE)
  • Ernst & Young, Munich (DE)
  • FAU / University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (DE), lectureship
  • GESIPA, Mörfelden-Walldorf (DE)
  • Mammut Sports Group AG, Seon (CH)
  • Meyer Burger AG, Gwatt-Thun (CH)
  • Promarca, Swiss Brand Association, Bern (CH)
  • tarifsuisse ag, Solothurn (CH)
  • Zurich bar association

Public seminar dates

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Integrity is non-negotiable. Unlike everything else. The issue at stake is never an obstacle.

Zurich Negotiating Model

Integrating values creates added value. A com­pre­hen­sive perspective embraces personality and values.

The Zurich Negotiating Model® broadens the scope to include personality and values. An approach that focuses only on relationships and facts often falls short of the goal. As a comprehensive model for orientation and action in the negotiating process, and a tool for reflection and analysis during preparation or follow-up, the Zurich Negotiating Model® offers fresh options for a specific approach to overcoming resistance during difficult negotiations.

  • Personality At the centre of every negotiation there are people and personalities, with everyone involved aiming to achieve the best possible outcome every time.
  • Values Personality is expressed through values. That means the values people hold are crucial to the negotiating process.
  • Relationship Values influence the relationship. And because negotiating involves an interactive relationship, respect for each other’s values is the basis for finding a mutually beneficial solution.
  • Issue The issue at stake is never an insurmountable obstacle. Conflictual relationships and values can be.

You are always the one negotiating. But you can use other people’s experience for your own benefit.

Michael Bullinger

"You must know your values to add lasting value through negotiation. Growing up in a small family business, I have been guided throughout my life by the axiom that a deal is only a good deal if it works for both parties. As an airline pilot with Swissair, I saw close up what the failure of key negotiations can mean for those concerned. The enormous loss of value when the airline went into liquidation played a big part in my decision to concentrate in my career on the field of negotiation.

As a teaching assistant with the team of Prof. Roger Fisher, Bruce Patton and Dan Shapiro in the Harvard Negotiation Project at Harvard Law School in Cambridge MA, and as the general manager of a company providing services in the area of negotiation, I have had intensive practical experience with the Harvard Concept respectively the principles described in the book Getting to Yes (by Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton). During the last fifteen years, I have trained thousands of professional negotiators in negotiating skills and also taken responsibility for mediation in many real-life conflict situations.

But time and again I encountered situations where an approach focusing mainly on facts and relationships came up short. That prompted me, when I was starting my own business, to systematize my experiences and develop a model of my own. In the Zurich Negotiating Model®, we extend the scope to include personality and values. This value-based approach offers negotiators additional options which, in difficult situations, can open the way to a joint solution that is mutually beneficial. The value of the model is already apparent in the development of seminar concepts with my clients – and in the successful negotiations conducted by those who have attended my seminars."

Our Negotiation Experts

Bullinger® is a platform with a vision. On the way to the Bullinger Institute for Negotiation Zurich® (IFNZ).

Bullinger is constantly expanding its network and building a team of experienced trainers and young talents. The ambition is to establish the company as the Bullinger Institute for Negotiation Zurich. Bullinger is presently working with the following trainers and consultants:

Georg Faust

«Every day, we negotiate on numerous occasions, often times unconsciously. - Three things fascinate me particularly regarding structured negotiations: the intensive examination (and revisiting) of one's own and others' interests, the raised awareness for the importance of good communication, and the creative process of developing options for sustainable negotiation solutions. Along with an increased negotiation competence, negotiation training has also the pleasant side-effect of strengthening solution-oriented thinking and communication skills.»

Georg Faust, lic. iur., LL.M. 
worked for numerous years as Claims Manager and Internal Auditor in the direct and reinsurance industry as wll as for the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority which allowed him to develop considerable negotiation experience in an international environment.

Andrés Gerique Zipfel

«My research into the use of natural resources often shows that a lack of negotiating skills can be the cause of conflict. We are working with Bullinger to make the insights of the Zurich Negotiating Model® applicable in our fieldwork.»

Andrés Gerique Zipfel, Dr. rer. nat. (DSc), lecturer in geography at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Ingrid Giel

«I find it endlessly fascinating to observe how people involved in negotiations can resolve seemingly intractable situations by application of the Zurich Negotiating Model®. Its respectful, value-based approach leads to resolutions that are mutually benificial, offering additional advantages for all concerned.»

Ingrid Giel, Dr. rer. nat., physicist, runs her own company, specializing in coaching, project management and change management. She also holds the posts of lecturer in project management at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and trainer in communication at the BWI management training institute in Zurich. She has many years’ experience as a software developer, project manager and executive in SMEs and groups of companies; she trained in management coaching and organization development as well as mediation and conflict management.

Michael Harth

«What do you see as fundamental elements of your top 10 negotiations? For me it is added benefits for both sides, based on a long-lasting business relationship and the development of a sound foundation of values and trust – the satisfaction of knowing that the deal could be sealed with a handshake. And this is what you get with the Zurich Negotiating Model®

Michael Harth is an experienced independent trainer, coach and organisational consultant. As a former lawyer and legal counsel, he has extensive experience in contract negotiations in an international environment.


Marcel Zosso

«When I met Michael Bullinger in a seminar on negotiation, it was immediately clear to me as a manager with a marketing and sales background that this approach to negotiation takes the interests of both parties into consideration, is mutually beneficial and therefore fair and sustainable. The further development of the concept to create the Zurich Negotiating Model®, which we use today in our training, offers a solution-oriented approach that can be applied in all business and life situations, not just in marketing.»

Marcel Zosso, lic. oec. publ., economic mediator, negotiating trainer, collected broad, sales oriented management experience during his activites for well-respected major enter­prises and SMEs in the national and inter­national consumer goods industry, retail- and B-to-B business. 


The strong practical grounding is a big plus. Those attending our leadership seminars are aware that Michael Bullinger has himself conducted important negotiations. Michael Bullinger is one of our top speakers.

«The strong practical grounding is a big plus. Those attending our leadership seminars are aware that Michael Bullinger has himself conducted important negotiations. Michael Bullinger is one of our top speakers.» Viktoria Krämmer, Partner Development Leader EMEIA, Ernst & Young, Munich
«Michael Bullinger’s distinctive approach to conflict resolution has enabled him to provide valuable ideas and inspiration that are extremely helpful in practice. Above all the clear structure makes the practical application of the concept simpler than methods previously put forward. Thanks to his professional approach and wide-ranging expertise and social skills, Michael Bullinger has shown us how entrenched situations can be resolved, for ourselves and our customers.» Michael Ludwig, managing director, CAMLOG Vertriebs GmbH, Wimsheim
«The win-win approach of the Zurich Negotiating Model fits really well with ADCURAM's philosophy. Thanks to Bullinger's inhouse seminar we significantly strengthened the level of negotiating skills in our company once again.» Dr. Florian Meise, ADCURAM board member
«With his quiet and unruffled demeanour, Michael Bullinger always breaks the ice straightaway, creates an atmosphere of openness and explains things in a way that everyone understands. And the concept can be put directly to work.» Markus Jäggi, Head of Purchasing, Mammut Sports Group AG, Seon
«For the participants in our inhouse negotiation seminars – CEOs and marketing and sales people at management level, working in a tough and dynamic environment – negotiating skills are nothing less than a matter of survival.» Anastacia Li-Treyer, chief executive, Promarca, Swiss Brand Association, Bern
«For me the seminar opened up a field for experimentation that is intelligently and systematically structured to the point of absolute perfection. Simply wonderful how Michael Bullinger used sober statistics to prove that trust, a human approach and discipline always pay off.» Annette Hartmann, wortstark Kommunikationsberatung, Munich
«You always have the feeling that Michael Bullinger has our interests at heart. He practices what he teaches.» Michael Mötter, chief executive, Management Akademie München, Munich
«Bullinger provided excellent trainings for us - and supported us in challenging real-life negotiations and in developing internal management tools in the best possible way.» Andreas Epple, CEO, Epple Holding GmbH, Heidelberg
«Michael Bullinger understood right away what makes our administration tick. As a result he gained the immediate acceptance of the participants.» Maurus Büsser, General Secretary, Department of Construction, Transport and the Environment of the Canton of Aargau
«The negotiation seminar with Bullinger not only produced better outcomes, it also improved relations between the negotiating partners. Not only with customers and suppliers, but also between internal partners.» Thomas Bamberger, CEO, GESIPA, Mörfelden-Walldorf
«The negotiation seminar with Michael Bullinger is the best seminar I have ever taken part in. It should really be mandatory for every company that attaches importance to the negotiating skills of its staff. The cost of the seminar was soon recouped many times over. Michael Bullinger also made a decisive contribution through dialogue facilitation in negotiations with a key supplier.» Walter Angerer, Purchasing, GESIPA, Mörfelden-Walldorf

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